Separation Payments Proper!

In 2010 the Town of Stratford sued some former members of my administration for payments relating to their separation from service to the Town of Stratford.

I have always maintained that those employee’s separation payments were proper and in accordance with their contracts and not dissimilar to how other town employees benefits were calculated when they separated from town service.

My position was upheld last year after the trial against my former assistant, Eric Castater, was concluded and he won on all accounts.

After his legal victory, Stratford’s current mayor, John Harkins, and his political crony town attorney decided to spend more taxpayer dollars and appeal – despite a well reasoned opinion by one of Connecticut’s most prominent judges,

Today, I received news from the Connecticut Appellate Court that the trial court decision in Eric Castater’s favor was unanimously upheld by the Connecticut Appellate Court.

I have attached the link to the decision:

You would think this would end it all but the town still has other tax payer fund actions against former HR director, Ned Winterbottom and Mayoral Assistant, Devron Wilson pending in the court for the identical issues in the Castater case.

Frankly, it would be galling if they persist on taking those cases to trial.

Mayor Harkins and his town attorney need to stop wasting tax payer dollars on these frivolous and politically motivated lawsuits, withdraw the remaining cases and apologize to those wrongfully accused by them of wrong doing.


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