They Are Your Records! Access to Your Medical Records In Connecticut.

Have you ever seen your medical records? Surprisingly, many people have not and, not surprisingly, many people do not know that they have a right to see their own medical records. But it is easy to obtain a copy of your medical records.

Of course, in a case where a client has been injured due to the fault of another the medical records are a critical part of the case and something that I will always o They Are Your Records! Access to Your Medical Records In Connecticut.btain on behalf of my clients.

However, a person has a right to a copy of their own records at any time, even if they are not in an accident.

In Connecticut Section 20-7c of the Connecticut General Statute requires a health care provider in all but a few narrowly defined exceptions to supply to a patient upon request complete and current information possessed by that provider concerning any diagnosis, treatment and prognosis of the patient.

Additionally, if a written request is made a health care provider must furnish a copy of the patient’s health record.

Some things to note:

  1. A health care provider can charge up to sixty-five cents per page, including any research fees, handling fees or related costs, and the cost of first class postage, if applicable, for furnishing a health record
  2. A health care provider must furnish a health record requested pursuant to this section within thirty days of the request.
  3. No health care provider, who has purchased or assumed the practice of a provider who is retiring or deceased, may refuse to return original records or copied records to a patient who decides not to seek care from the successor provider. When returning records to a patient who has decided not to seek care from a successor provider, such provider may not charge a patient for costs incurred in copying the records of the retired or deceased provider.

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  1. Dedicated servers says:

    If you still do not understand any part of the record, the health professional who is holding the record should explain it to you. Following treatment, hospital records are kept for a minimum of eight years and GP records for a minimum of 10 years.

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